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I'm a design engineer living in oxfordshire and the wrong side of 40 (but the right side of 50...)

In 2016 one of my children was diagnosed with liver disease, it seemed obvious that I should do some fundraising so I booked an OCR. To enable me to get to the end, putting the remote down and putting trainers on and doing some of that training stuff was necessary, whoever thought you could feel good afterward? Full of self worth I entered and completed my first triathlon that appealed because the first leg was paddle boarding. OMG it was the hardest thing I have ever done, and I loved it! Did a regular sprint distance tri a few months later, and now I'm here..

Since then further OCR, my first half marathons, swims, runs, bike rides, etc.. just because it seemed like a good idea at the time. "Me and a couple of friends are going to do Wales Ironman in 2019 do you want to do it with us?" "Yeah, go on then." Oops...

Because I'm a well rounded individual I do have other interests. Paddle-boarding, climbing, music, pet snakes and lazing around when not doing any of those or looking after my boys.

If you did well enough to get this far, thumbs up :-)

Mark Harman

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