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I am a 39 year old father of 4, Civil Engineer, based in Suffolk who has been completely taken over by the triathlon lifestyle!

2 years ago after a session at the Olympic velodrome with friends i mentioned to a to one of the chaps "what do you know of this triathlon malarkey?". "Well" he said, "i represented GB in my age group last year at Bolton Iron man". "oh" i said. "so i was thinking about giving it a go, you know, a sprint, nothing serious". "No, don't bother, just go straight in at Olympic distance" he said.

So that was the start of my Triathlon journey. I booked a local Olympic triathlon for the summer and set my mind to the task of training.......

After four months of swim coaching from the GB age grouper, lots of cycling (zero focus on technique, nutrition, drills, or anything else useful) and not enough running, never mind bricks! i raced.......... It was exhausting, cramp filled, mentally ruining, blister making, sweaty and painful.


Next race booked for September, bit of a knee injury, bit of a cold, similar outcome, i got through it. I Loved it.

I want to challenge myself a bit more....... i know i will book a Half Iron man next year.... and maybe for my 40th i will do a full Iron man the following year???!!

so that was this year, 3 Half Iron man races, 2 under 6 hours, none were easy but man were they satisfying!!!!

Bolton Iron man UK is booked for next year....... Shits about to get real!

What could possibly go wrong?


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