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Team GB 400m athlete and a World and European medallist

''I started athletics at the age of 11 primarily running middle distance and cross country. It was only when I was 18 that I started running the 400m after doing a race at the start of the season for some ‘speed work’ and was selected for the GB Junior team the following week! Since then I have not looked back and have continued with the 400m and it has seen me travel the world representing my country at the highest level and win medals''



I  am offering bespoke running programmes for all abilities and distances. So whether you're planning your first park run or targeting the London Marathon, I can help you work towards achieving your goal!

My background... I've been an international athlete since the age of 17 and have been fortunate enough to compete all around the world. I am an Olympian, as well as a World and European medallist. I also have a degree in Sport and Exercise Science.

During my years involved in elite sport, I have had access to some of the world's top coaches and have acquired many training techniques that can help athletes unlock their full potential. Tips that I can pass on to runners like yourself, to help you be the best you can be!

You wouldn't go into the gym and start lifting weights without a programme, so why do the same with your running..?

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