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Kit Walker - Professional Triathlete 

We are very proud to be supported by  Kit Walker Triathlon coaching is run by professional long distance athlete Kit Walker based in the beautiful surrounds of Weymouth and Portland on the south west coast.  Kit is here to provide affordable Triathlon Coaching and Training to athletes of all levels wishing to enjoy the sport of triathlon. All plans are personalised to your specific needs and abilities. 
Our aim is to help you fulfill your Triathlon dreams!

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Full Coaching

This is a fully personalised training plan set up around you and your lifestyle tailored to your goals and abilities.  After an Initial consultation to gain some information on your sporting background and time availability for training a plan is set up using the XHALE online training diary. This gives coach and athlete full visibility of the training being done and any data the athlete can provide as well. Feedback is continually given and regular communication between Coach and Athlete is encouraged with no limitations. Sessions are personalised to the Athlete where possible and can utilise metrics including Heart Rate, Power, Cadence and anything else the athlete wishes to use.

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This package also utilises the XHALE training diary so coach and athlete can both view the sessions being performed and view the data and feedback from these.  Feedback is provided on sessions where possible and any suggestions given to the athlete. Help is available on all topics including season planning, individual sessions and help with kit and equipment choices. The majority of communication is on XHALE but emails will be replied to within 48 hours and phone calls and meetings can be arranged as neccessary.

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£20 - £30 per half/ hour

1-2-1 Sessions

1-2-1 sessions can be booked either individually or for small groups of athletes wishing to have some specific hands on coaching to help improve there performance or a particular aspect of there training.  


Running techniques sessions can be used to help improve the athletes run efficiency and help reduce the risk of injury or to help rehab from an old injury or issue.


Swim technique sessions can be used to help athletes improve there stroke technique and become more efficient on the water, learn new drills and ways to train in the pool or to help with open water skills and race day tactics.


General Consultations are also available either to disucss through an area of training or racing or help with session ideas or season planning or any other aspect of Triathlon you want some help with.


Price - £20.00 for half an hour

          - £30.00 for an hour

(These may also require some additional facility costs like pool fees or hall hire etc)

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